Infant Program

At Little Green Tree House, we understand how delicate and complex the early stages of life are for an infant. Providing a warm, positive environment and establishing a relationship with the world is vital to their development. In addition to cuddling, nurturing and attending to your child’s basic needs, our teachers are also making sure each child has the ability to experience activities that will help them enhance their physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional skills through activities like story time, music and simple games.

Infant Program – 6 weeks to 15 months

Schedules offered:  Full time only (5 days/week) 

Daily Schedule

Our teachers are responsive to the needs of our youngest students and thus each child’s schedule is determined individually.  Before your child’s first day, you will meet with your child’s teachers to determine what type of routine you would like your child to follow. Then, teachers will work closely with you to adapt the schedule to the changing needs of your infant. Once a child turns one, they are able to start our Gourmet Gorilla meals and teachers will begin to tailor schedules to prepare for the transition to the toddler room at 15 months. Daily schedules include the following learning times:

Teachers will sing songs, do nursery rhymes and finger plays and expose babies to a variety of books. The infant classrooms are language-rich environments as teachers seize teachable moments to talk all day long to each baby. Teachers also use baby sign to help young infants learn to communicate their needs.

Our stimulating classrooms are filled with toys that shake, rattle, and roll. The natural toys and mirrors, large pictures and baskets full of books all encourage the babies to explore and discover the world around them. Teachers work closely to engage children in simple games that teach prediction skills and an understanding of cause and effect.

Throughout the day there are countless opportunities for teachers to help babies feel safe and secure, though cuddles and nurturing exchanges. They are inclusive of family wishes, needs, and cultures.

Babies are working on new motor skills every day. Our infant rooms are filled with equipment to facilitate motor development, and our teachers are talented at helping infants meet their next stage of motor development. Teachers are hands on all throughout the day, helping with tummy time, encouraging exploration and supporting baby growth!

Our teachers are talented at exposing babies to a number of art forms, from creating finger-painted works of art, dancing to the music of different cultures, to twice-weekly music time with our music teacher.

Using our large 6-seated stroller, teachers take the babies outside whenever weather permits. The teachers bring bubbles or simple toys and place a large blanket on the grass at the park for the babies to enjoy the sunshine.