Teacher Qualifications

At Little Green Tree House, we pride ourselves on having the best teachers around. Our staff is highly qualified and brings a multitude of experience with young children to LGTH.

  • Most of our lead teachers have at least a Bachelor’s Degree with coursework in early childhood development, education, and administration. We seek out teachers that have studied education, psychology, child development, and family studies. Because our teachers are so highly educated, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge about the newest early childhood research and methodology.
  • All assistant teachers have at least 60 college credits, with some coursework in early childhood, although the vast majority of assistants have completed degrees.
  • Many of our staff have advanced degrees in child development and education.
  • Past experience with young children plays a huge role in our selection of teachers, as well. Our teachers come to us from a variety of backgrounds, from working with children in schools, homes, day camps, and gyms or music classes.
  •  We seek out teachers who are well-rounded. Many speak second languages, have traveled around the world to work with children, or have an arts background in music, studio art, and theater. These real-life experiences help them to impart a love of learning and the arts upon their students.
  • Above all, our staff is professional, knowledgeable, well-educated, and passionate about caring for and teaching young children.