Our Programs

It is our goal to provide all of our children with the best possible education delivered by motivated, inspirational teachers who have been specially trained to teach an integrated curriculum. We provide children with the tools and resources necessary to explore and discover the world around them while having fun every day. Through hands on activities and learning centers teachers facilitate exploration and learning at all ability levels. Children explore music and movement, math, science, art, language, literacy, and technology, all while growing their imaginations through dramatic play. Little Green Tree House supports a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by creating a school environment unlike any other around.

Ongoing Assessments & Comprehensive Portfolios

Our ongoing assessments consist of developmental checklists done every three months and weekly anecdotal records. Both forms of assessment go into a child’s portfolio, which also includes examples of student work. Portfolios move to each classroom and provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at a child’s development during his or her time at LGTH.

Our Curriculum

Our integrated curriculum has been specially designed to best fit the needs of our students. This curriculum combines many tenants of Creative Curriculum with a theme-based and student determined curriculum. Teachers create theme based weekly lesson plans based off ongoing assessment. They take child interest and development into account as they create real-life learning experience in the classroom. Each lesson plan focuses on the following key areas of development: cognitive, language, motor, and social/emotional development.