Nutritious, Balanced Meal Plans

Little Green Tree House offers all of the children who are 12 months and older a healthy and balanced meal plan that is as organic and locally sourced where possible. All of our meals are catered fresh every day from HOK (Healthy Organic Kids). Parents have the ability to pick from several different meal plans; regular (which includes meat), vegetarian, and gluten free/dairy free. HOK and Little Green Tree House are both nut free facilities. And, if your child has any other allergies, both the Directors of Little Green Tree House and HOK are happy to accommodate!

All food is served to the children using stainless steel cups, plates, bowls and serving utensils to avoid unnecessary waste. The children enjoy each meal through a family style dining atmosphere. While eating lunch, the teachers sometimes eat with the children, modeling good eating habits and manners! The teachers are also more than willing to help any child who hasn’t quite mastered the art of using utensils.

Parents are required to supply food from home for all children under the age of 12 months. Bottles of formula and breast milk must come prepared and are warmed throughout the day in warm water. Microwaves are not used.